choose wisely. choose love.

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Love’s Oven was born in 2009 with a promise to its patients to provide great tasting cleanly extracted products to help with their chronic pain and other ailments. If you look at the label of any of our 15+ products you’ll never find any ingredients that you need to have a chemical engineering degree to pronounce. Ingredients like crystallized ginger and honey roasted peanut butter are about as complicated as it gets.

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Concentrated love extracts

Concentrated Love specializes in the highest quality THC and CBD extracts that the industry has to offer. Products include shatter, absolute shatter, sugar wax, whip wax, and live resin. Born out of Love’s Oven, Concentrated Love has the experience of over seven years in the industry at our disposal. Our veteran extraction team uses the highest quality instrument grade solvents and would not send out any product that they wouldn’t consume themselves. The sheer quality of our concentrates is a direct reflection of our knowledge, passion, and of course, love.



Our all-natural sparkling tonics are crafted for that perfect high. Never high-fructose. A delicious mix of bubbles, fruit and locally sourced cannabis (thanks for the gifts Mother Nature). Crafted to deliver four different but consistent good times. Every time. Slow clap.



Cloud 9 Cannabis Confections LLC was created by a veteran research and development chef who has developed food for national restaurant chains and food manufacturers across the country for many years. Cloud 9 Confections have gone through extensive research and development to craft the perfect balance between imported Belgium chocolate and local cannabis. Nostalgic flavors like Crispy & Crunchy chocolate bars, Cookies & Dream, and Peanut Butter Cups available now!


Featured RECIPES 

Want creative ways to incorporate Love's Oven edibles into your meals? Check out some of our recipes below. Check back for seasonal finds! 


A simple mocktail for an easy evening chill sesh. Grab a lemon, tonic, mint and a glass and your half way there. Relax, It’s Legal.

spiked hot apple cider

Warm up with our cranberry spiked hot apple cider. Simply grab some apples, persimmons, a pear, an orange and toss it all in the crock-pot with water and spices. Gather friends, add Legal Cranberry CBD + THC and Relax, It’s Legal.


A savory and infused bowl of cheesy potato soup! Having a chill night in by your self? Want to try a fun new infused dinner? Try our potato soup tonight and top with Love’s Oven micro-dosed cheddar crackers for your perfect dose of THC, and cheesy goodness.


our mission

Spread Love.

Our mission to “Spread Love” is accomplished by doing what’s right for our consumers, our employees, the industry we serve, and the general public by hand-crafting the safest and highest quality products, giving back to our communities and taking care of the environment.

We achieve this through constant evaluation of our manufacturing processes and over-compliant standards which help to propel our industry forward. Lastly we look and listen for smiles and laughter amongst our employees, customers and peers as a telling metric into if we’re “getting it right.”