CCELL Starter Kit 3.jpg

Distillate CARTRIDGE starter kit 

The Concentrated Love distillate pen uses pure distillate oil, contains quality components, and delivers potency and taste when compared to other distillate pens currently on the market. 

Concentrated Love ensures only the highest quality oil enters the device. We start off with hydrocarbon extraction then use 200 proof ethanol to remove fats, lipids, and any remaining residual solvents. We further refine the oil via short path distillation to create a pure and potent product. 

CCELLTM is a technology built on a revolutionary ceramic heating element. This replaces the traditional cotton fiber with a porous ceramic element which maintains a smooth oil supply to the coil and provides the user with exceptional flavor. This technology tolerates various concentrations of oil, including exceptionally thick oil such as pure distillate, and is able to remove the burnt taste reported by users of other devices on the market. 
The creators of the CCELLTM battery boast the biggest and most advanced testing labs in the vapor industry and hold themselves to the highest standards in manufacturing facilities. This will give you piece of mind when using Love's Oven vape pens. 

  • Made with pure distillate oil.
  • No cutting agents used ever.
  • Infused with plant derived terpenes
  • Full spectrum blends