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09.05.19 - Gobbling Up the Market: Consumers Increasingly Seek Ingestible Products

Consumers have spoken, and they want to consume cannabis. In rapidly growing numbers, both connoisseurs and the curious prefer cannabinoid-infused treats, snacks, drinks, and tinctures to combustible, vapable, and topical products. The reasons are many: 50 percent of consumers cite convenience as their number-one reason for choosing ingestibles over other forms. Many say they like the discretion of an odorless product that doesn’t look like cannabis, consistent dosing, and the whole-body relief they can’t find with topicals. Some confess to enjoying the wide variety of flavors and forms ingestibles present.

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06.18.19 - Packaging, labeling among the top issues for producing cannabis-infused baked foods

The primary consideration for edibles producers is that marijuana is still illegal on the federal level; that makes compliance at the state level a critical factor. And when the laws vary from state-to-state, compliance and repeatability are challenging, especially if a company is producing in more than one state.

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02.12.19 - Trulieve Announces Partnership to Bring Cannabis-Infused Edibles, Concentrates to Florida

Love's Oven's artisan goods and craft concentrates will soon be available to Florida's more than 180,000 patients

TALLAHASSEE, FL, Feb. 11, 2019 /CNW/ - National cannabis company Trulieve Cannabis Corp. ("Trulieve" or the "Company") (CSE: TRUL) announced today that it has signed an agreement with Colorado-based Love's Oven, LLC ("Love's Oven") to bring their edible cannabis-infused baked goods, craft concentrates, and other products to Florida's growing patient base.

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12.20.18 - Top 20 Women in Cannabis in 2018

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, women are finding their way into a previously male-dominant business sector as attorneys, CEOs, chefs, growers, and medical researchers. Women pioneered many cannabis-centered efforts in 2018, including clinical studies that look into the possible benefits of this plant and its many strains, as well as how it may be of use in everyday life.

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11.15.18 - the most unique and innovative products by Colorado cannabis companies.

Denver-area Love’s Oven makes a wide variety of baked goods that incorporate THC and/or CBD. THese cheddar crackers are “micro-doses,” meaning they contain small amounts of THC, and can be eaten with a variety of meals.

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11.5.18 - Weed goes gourmet

You know you’re in a fast-moving business when your tattoos can’t keep up with your career developments. So it goes for Hope Frahm, corporate chef at Love’s Oven, a Denver-based cannabis bakery and confectionery with a growing line of edibles, drinkables, and, yes, powerful smokables. In 2014, the now nine-year-old company offered roughly eight baked goods. Today, the outfit sells more than 50 edible vehicles to get you high, soothe your aches, or simply chill you out. 

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10.26.18 - Boost your bottom line with specialty infused cannabis products

It wouldn’t be fall without pumpkin spice, winter without peppermint, spring without strawberries or summer without lemonade.

Manufacturers of marijuana-infused products know this, and they’re capitalizing on popular demand among consumers to shake up their product lines with seasonal or limited-release products.

These products – from THC-infused sparkling waters to rainbow-colored sugar cookies – can be a boon for brand equity or help reap community goodwill through corporate social-giving campaigns.

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9.30.18 - How Does an Edibles Baker Do Her Job?

Meet Lauren Kaufman, who makes cannabis treats and oversees the kitchen at Love’s Oven in Denver. In this episode, Jordan gets deeper in the nitty-gritty of baking with marijuana. He talks with Lauren Kaufman, who helps oversee the kitchen at Love’s Oven in Denver, about the nuances of working with weed and why it requires so much more precision than normal baking.

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9.23.81 - How Does the Head Chef of an Edibles Company Do Her Job?

Meet Hope Frahm, who creates the recipes for pot-infused brownies, baklava bites, and more at Love’s Oven in Denver. Years ago, a terrible accident left Hope Frahm without taste buds. To cope, she began baking for friends, which led her to cooking school and jobs in top restaurant kitchens. Today, she’s the corporate executive chef for Love’s Oven in Denver, where she creates recipes for a popular line of marijuana-infused edibles. In this week’s episode of Working, she talks with host Jordan Weissmann about how in some ways the accident that left her unable to taste has made her better at her job.

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9.16.18 - How Does a Hash Maker Do His Job?

Meet Max Platt, who makes hash for a living as a cannabis-extraction technician in Denver.Our series on workers in Colorado’s legal cannabis industry keeps on burning. This week, Jordan talks with Max Platt, a cannabis-extraction technician at Denver’s Concentrated Love about the physically demanding art of making professional-grade hash for a living.

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08.03.2018 - The 6 Most Delicious Cannabis-Infused Cookies

Love’s Oven is a company in Colorado that produces concentrates and edibles. I asked my fellow Leafly coworkers what their favorite infused-cookie is, and Love’s Oven popped up multiple times. With flavors like the classic Chocolate Chip and fan-favorite Red Velvet, you really can’t go wrong. These cookies are made with clean ingredients, and they taste so damn delicious that they’re worth a road trip to the Centennial State—no matter where you’re coming from.

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05.08.2018 - CEO Peggy Moore emphasizes best practices for manufacturing her gourmet cannabis edibles and extractions.

To me, there's a lot of power in this plant," says Moore.

The power of cannabis has allowed Moore to transition from one successful job into a new career. It's given her the ability to bring on members of her family as partners to assist in the company's operations; build up a business that's expanded from gourmet cannabis edibles into lauded cannabis extractions as well; and team up with other members of the industry to protect their nascent field, as well as mentor newcomers.

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05.08.2018 - Seven Ganja Gifts for Mom on Mother's Day

The thought of giving Mom some weed for Mother's Day wouldn't have entered our minds a few years ago, and for some of you, it never will. But times have changed, son, and your mother might appreciate getting in on the fun. And after all, infused bath soak and infused candy are still bath soak and candy at the end of the day.

If your mom brought you into this world, there's nothing wrong with helping her zone out of it every once in a while with a live resin cartridge or Ottoman-inspired edibles. Mother's Day (Sunday, May 13, for all of you with hazy memories) is a great time to start. Here are cannabis creations made with moms in mind, as well as other items that make welcome gifts.

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04.24.18 - 12 Sugar-Free Cannabis Edibles for a Healthier High

These savory Cheddar Crackers by Love’s Oven feature only 0.5 mg of THC per cracker, meaning you can chow down on more than just a couple before having to cut yourself off. They come with 20 crackers per package and feature delicious seasonings of garlic, salt, pepper, onion, and rosemary. Oh, and not one gram of added sugar.

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03.14.18 - Cannabis legislation could legalize tasting rooms 

A guy walks into a bar — and he orders a Love’s Oven chocolate chip Sativa cookie to go along with his fresh mug of dark roast coffee.

While that exact scenario won't be playing out in Colorado any time soon, a bill could allow so-called "tasting rooms" in dispensaries by the first day of 2019. House Bill 1258, introduced in the Colorado Legislature on Feb. 26, and commonly known as the “tasting rooms legislation,” would permit both medical and retail licensed marijuana businesses to have an on-site establishment that sells marijuana products for the purpose of consuming them at the location. (Unfortunately, accompanying items like a beer or coffee won't be allowed.)

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01.26.18 - Pot-Industry Group Sets New Standards for Packaging

A national cannabis trade organization with strong ties to Denver has proposed new packaging standards for its members. Those standards, which are similar to the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division's packaging regulations, will be the first of many to be adopted by members of the National Association of Cannabis Businesses, according to an announcement from the organization.

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09.23.17 - Taking a look at new edibles guidelines set to take effect

Among the change in packaging, the Colorado Department of Revenue doesn't want the edibles to by visibly appealing to children. The people who make and sell marijuana products, like edibles, will have new rules to follow very soon. And it's all to make things easier on your eyes before you pop a brownie or cookie into your mouth.

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07.05.17 - Marijuana edibles chef Hope Frahm has quite the operation (Video)

Hope Frahm used to be a mechanic, but after a work accident, her life took an unlikely turn — into pastries.

The now classically-trained pastry chef said it was the accident, which ultimately burned off her taste buds, that ignited her love of baking because she sought to understand the art through touch, smell and sight. Frahm spent years working in Las Vegas under such names as chefs Thomas Keller and Wolfgang Puck before answering a Craigslist ad to work in Denver.

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09.27.17 - Colorado cannabis safety regs limit edible shapes, enlarge potency labels

Out with the gummy bears, in with the squares … and circles, and triangles and diamonds.

On Oct. 1, Colorado no longer will allow marijuana edibles shaped like humans, animals, fruits or cartoons — forms that could be confused with candy — and the state also will require more prominently displayed potency information on the labels of cannabis products.

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Frahm and Gockley both agree that taste matters, but product consistency is key. “[Cannabis] butter is never consistent,” Frahm said, but “the product is.” It all comes down to math — “I should have listened to my algebra teacher,” members of Frahm’s staff say when they come to work at Love’s Oven. She has some help in the kitchen to make sure her products are made to perfection — computerized double ovens “Bonnie” and “Clyde.” Bonnie tests the product and then tells Clyde what to do when everything equates.

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04.26.17 - Why Women Founders Are Ruling Legal Marijuana

It's a gray, sleety night in Denver, but Jane West's hotel room balcony is thick with sweet, pungent bong smoke. Sushi and edamame are spread across the hot tub cover, and I'm getting a neck massage. Dahlia Mertens, the founder of marijuana-infused-lotion maker Mary Jane's Medicinals, dips her hands back into her salve and tells me I should rub it in the middle of my forehead--"on your third eye."

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04.12.17 - U.S.: Robust Growth, Consumer Safety, New Regulations

With Colorado marking the two-year anniversary of legalization for the adult-use/recreational market, the cannabis industry predicts new milestones in both Colorado and the United States in 2016. With a burgeoning industry on the precipice of enormous growth, education and consumer safety will be a top priority for cannabis leaders as the industry expands throughout the country.

“This year, the cannabis industry made great strides in protecting and educating the consumer,” noted Peggy Moore, chair of Cannabis Business Alliance and owner of Love’s Oven Bakery. “The industry heard early on after legalization for the adult-use market about concerns of unintended access as well as over-consumption.

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03.10.17 - Inspiring Women In The Cannabis Community

The burgeoning marijuana industry benefits greatly from the inspiring women in the cannabis community. One of the most remarkable things about the burgeoning cannabis industry is that there are so many women in the cannabis community. As a relatively modern industry, the cannabis industry has not been marred by decades of patriarchy and sexism. On top of this, the people involved in the cannabis industry tend to be progressive in more ways than simply advocating the legalization of cannabis products. As a result of these factors, and others, the cannabis industry is establishing itself as an industry with excellent gender parity. This has given the women in the industry an excellent platform to reach out as role models, educators, and advocates. Here are some of the most inspiring women in the cannabis community.

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