How do you infuse your products?

With all natural cannabutter! That's right. Old school. We make each batch of cannabutter in house in small batches to keep our product genotype specific. You can anticipate your experience with our consistent, effective, chemical-free products. Choose Wisely. Choose Love.

DO I NEED to refrigerate your product?

No, all of our products are shelf stable and most have a shelf life of four months. That's without any gross preservatives. We use a natural preservative, agar-agar, which is actually a species of algae, whoa! It's because we care. Be sure to check your package for the freeze or use by date.


Where CAN I purchase your product?

All over Colorado! We are available Medically and Recreationally everywhere from Durango to Sedgwick and Trinidad to Ft. Collins. We love our little mountain towns as much as Denver itself and work hard to ensure there is always a fresh batch of Love's Oven in a town near you. If your favorite dispensary doesn't carry us, let us know on social media and we will try to work our magic to bring our fresh and tasty edibles to you!   


Where are you located?

We proudly bake all of our delectable treats in the heart of Denver, CO. Want to bring Love's Oven to your state? Contact us!



No, sorry. Maybe one day we can be, but for now we are only open to a few private cannabis tour companies. You can purchase our gourmet edibles all over the state of Colorado, and hopefully in a few more states soon! Please use the store locator to find a dispensary that sells our product near you. We always recommend that you call the dispensary if you are looking for a specific product. Can't find what you are looking for? Give us a call, (303)623-3071  M - F from 7 AM - 4 PM  Want to check us out? Check out these fine cannabis tour companies to get the inside scoop: 

City Sessions:



Can you Ship to my state?

No, definitely not. Nope, nope, and nope. Although some of us have been granted the privilege to use cannabis, it is still not federally legal nation wide, and is still considered Federal Drug trafficking. We are not down with that. We play by the rules. Please don't ship our product out of Colorado. Tell all of your friends how awesome Colorado is and plan a visit. Let us know how rad they think our products are. Want to brush up on Colorado Cannabis Law? Click Here


Is Love's Oven Available in my state?

If you reside in the beautiful state of Colorado we are! Other than that, we are working on it... We hope to start producing in a few other states in 2018. Want to help bring Love's Oven to your state? Reach out:


Do you make concentrates?

We sure do. One of our many new ventures, Concentrated Love! Our small batch concentrates are made with the same quality and precision that our Love's Oven edibles are. Be sure to browse the Concentrated Love pages, and even check out our test results. Now that's transparency. What do your concentrates have to hide?  Learn More