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The Cannabis Business Alliance is an industry leading resource and trade association for business owners. We advocate for sensible and collaborative public policy that protects employees, patients, and clients of the medical and retail marijuana industry. We promote values that enhance the emerging cannabis industry's role in the communities we serve, and support client and patient access, education, and safety.

The Infused Products Council is a subgroup of CBA focused specifically on issues that impact edibles and infused companies. Helping to develop good policy around infused product policy and education.

CBA is continually working on education for the Cannabis Industry. The Infused Products Council developed an educational flyer to promote responsible use of edibles and prevent over consumption (See cards below). Love's Oven has been an active member of the CBA since 2009, and is fully engaged in making our products as safe as possible and educating the consumer on edibles consumption. If you are interested in providing the educational cards in your business or CBA membership, please contact the CBA via email: or visit for more information.

Do you have specific questions about using Love's Oven or Concentrated Love CBD products for your ailments? Want to learn more about CBD and it's benefits to your endocannabinoid system? Thinking about taking CBD as a daily supplement? We have hired a registered Cannabis nurse to answer your questions about CBD! Ask your local Love's Oven or Concentrated Love provider for more details when you purchase a qualifying Love's Oven or Concentrated Love CBD product.

Katherine Golden, RN, currently serves the medical community working as a medical cannabis registered nurse educator/consultant. She brings 19 years of experience in a variety of nursing roles and is a registered nurse in the state of Colorado with a passion for implementing innovative plans of care to improve a patient’s quality of life.

Katherine brings a unique combination of registered nursing education and cannabis-related education/certifications on medical best practices regarding the use of cannabis within the medical community to drive increases in a patient’s quality of life. She obtained Associates of Science degree in nursing from El Camino College School of Nursing in Torrance, CA and has obtained 7 separate cannabis-related nursing certificates of completion through The Medical Cannabis Institute (TMCI Global).


Medical Marijuana Card


If you are interested in obtaining your Medical Marijuana Registry Card? See the Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry website for information on how to obtain your card.

We recommend starting your Medical Marijuana registry with an evaluation by Dr. Cohen at Holos Health. Visit to schedule an appointment.

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